Making a Comic

I’ve been working on the Nol Galaxy for a few years now, and it has gone through many iteration, forms, and mediums. And it is once again going through the process of metamorphosis, well, more like growing an extra limb lol. In addition to writing stories set in the Nol Galaxy, I have decided to also create a comic set in Nol. To be honest, a comic was one of the mediums I first considered when I decided to share the stories from Nol, however, I wasn’t confident that I could pull it off. Comics are incredibly difficult and time consuming to create, and it really takes a lot of dedication and skill, all of which I felt I was lacking. The idea kept coming back to me though, so I finally decide to challenge myself.

My goal was to create a short sequence with no real plot. Something with a loose beginning and ending, just to see if I had the dedication to even finish a small project. I am happy to say that although it took about two months, I did complete it. It’s certainly not a masterpiece, and there are so, so many flaws, but I am proud of what I accomplished. It also gave me the confidence I needed to start working on a larger project which I will hopefully be able to share soon.

You can read my little comic exercise here:



Learn more about Nol in general here:

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