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  • To Escape Grief

    Back when the shuttle was still considered the pinnacle of space travel technology, Shuttle AE-912681 was dubbed the Imperza by its original crew and captain after his beloved ex-wife.

  • Song of Discord

    Song of Discord

    Kana walked with Rolt through an ornate network of rocks twisting in impossible formations. The walls curved in fluid angles, monumental arches delicately balanced on willow structures, and the earth was a marble orange and white gem of fire beneath the desert sun.

  • The Return of Rick Lupaine

    The Return of Rick Lupaine

    Rick stood in front of the large windows, wanting to bang his head against the glass, but instead, he chose the more sane route of enjoying the view. From this height, he could see the entirety of Cajara’s capital city directly beneath him and all the way out to the flat open spaces and rolling iridescent hills of the countryside.

  • The first episode of the comic has been released!

    The first episode of the comic has been released!

    I finally finished the first episode of the comic. Unfortunately it takes so long to make, and this is just the first part, but I’m glad I’ve made some progress. Here is the link: https://visionsofnol.neocities.org/ Here’s the cityscape of Cajara featured in this comic. I’ll also be posting the full short story that the comic […]

  • New Cover

    New Cover
  • Making a Comic

    I’ve been working on the Nol Galaxy for a few years now, and it has gone through many iteration, forms, and mediums. And it is once again going through the process of metamorphosis, well, more like growing an extra limb lol. In addition to writing stories set in the Nol Galaxy, I have decided to […]